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Ottawa – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) was very pleased to hear the Fall fiscal update delivered by Minister of Finance Bill Morneau on November 21st.

Many of the recommendations that CFA made in the 2019 Pre-budget submission to help Canadian farmers were addressed, as well as recommendations by the agri-food economic strategy table.

OTTAWA – Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Ron Bonnett made the following statement in reaction to the formal ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

“The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is very pleased to see the CPTPP receive royal assent so quickly, as ratification allows Canadian farmers to have a ‘first-movers advantage’ in entering these new markets and capturing export opportunities.

OTTAWA – Draft regulations announced yesterday concerning fuel costs and GHG emissions have addressed some of farmers’ concerns, but gaps remain, and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is keen to work with governments to develop new programs that will support the agriculture sector going forward.

“Canadian farmers know first-hand the effects of climate change. They see it in the shifting growing and rainfall patterns, and the movement of pests affecting our crops, among other changes. Farmers must be at the table when policies and programs are being developed, and the draft GHG and fuel regulations are no exception,” said Ron Bonnett, CFA President. “New pricing systems should be complemented by investments in our production systems.”

OTTAWA -The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is deeply disappointed with the agricultural concessions included in the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

While the government did achieve beneficial results for some sectors within agriculture, such as increased U.S. market access for Canada’s sugar beet producers, initial indications suggest the livelihood of producers in Canada’s supply managed sectors will be hurt by the concessions included within this new trade deal.

OTTAWA – Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Ron Bonnett made the following statement in reaction to the report released earlier this week by Canada’s Agri-food Economic Strategy Roundtable.

“The Canadian Federation of Agriculture welcomes the Agri-food Economic Strategy Table’s report as a roadmap that helps clarify key measures that will leverage the sector’s immense potential, in both domestic and international markets.

We have long supported the call for a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to navigate the intense competitive pressures our sector faces. The key themes in the report reflect the issues we hear from farmers and their value chain partners, while articulating clear directions where industry and government can work together.

OTTAWA Agriculture industry leaders highlighted several options for economic strategy in their meeting today with federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) agriculture ministers. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s (CFA) annual industry-government FPT Roundtable took place in Vancouver, BC, where farm leaders from each province sat side-by-side with their provincial agriculture ministers to talk about how local and regional aspects connect with the national plans to grow the sector.

“The growth potential for Canadian agriculture reflects the sector’s vibrancy and diversity. However, this also reflects the range of complexities we must clarify if we are to prosper to the fullest extent possible,” said Ron Bonnett, CFA President. “That why CFA members stressed to Canada’s agriculture ministers that we must remember the interconnected nature of our agricultural policies, such as those involving labour, trade, and rural infrastructure.”

Ottawa – Canada’s AgGrowth coalition and our members believe it is critical to continue the Business Risk Management (BRM) review with a comprehensive mandate, and encourage the Federal Provincial Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Ministers to extend the review process without delay.

In summer of 2017, the FPT Agriculture Ministers initiated a review of the BRM programming in response to concerns that BRM programming did not meet farmer’s needs. The review is not complete, and more work needs to be done to achieve a complete picture of gaps in the BRM suite and identify solutions.

WASHINGTON – The leaders of the U.S. National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) in a joint statement today urged Canadian and U.S. officials to preserve the strong, longstanding trade relationship between the two countries.

OTTAWA – Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Ron Bonnett issued the following statement following yesterday’s announcement that the Transportation Modernization Act has received final approval in both the House of Commons and the Senate.

“The Canadian Federation of Agriculture commends parliamentarians for working together to pass Bill C-49, a critical piece of legislation that will alleviate many of western farmers’ concerns on rail transportation.

OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) welcomes news that Transport Minister Marc Garneau has supported several key Senate amendments to Bill C-49 and that the House of Commons will soon be ready to vote on the revised legislation.

With spring seeding already underway, farmers are now making plans for marketing and delivering their 2018-2019 crop. The new legislation must be in place by August 1; otherwise farmers risk another uncertain shipping season. The amended Bill C-49 will strengthen the capacity of the rail system and help to prevent the disastrous and costly grain backlogs seen this past year and in 2013-2014.

OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture and its members representing prairie farmers today sent an open letter to Members of Parliament asking them to pass Bill C-49 (Transportation Modernization Act) as amended by the Senate last month.

CFA is working in close partnership with the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba to gain support for important changes that will help avert railway shipping backlogs, like the one grain farmers have been struggling through over the last five months.

OTTAWA — International trade, transportation, climate change, mental health and government programs emerged as priorities during the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) 2018 Annual General Meeting, held in Ottawa last week. CFA members heard keynote speeches and participated in discussions centred on the theme “Partnering for Success.”

“Farmers in all parts of Canada recognize that by building on each other’s strengths, we can not only meet the challenges we face today, but lay the foundation for an even more resilient sector going forward,” said Ron Bonnett, CFA President.

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