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Wellington County –

Wellington County’s population is expected to increase by 61% by 2051 which will put notable pressure on area farmland. Understanding the impacts of the agri-food system is crucial to help balance the needs of Wellington County’s population growth while continuing to strengthen the agrifood  system.

The Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA) recently released a report that examines the agri-food system in the County. Wellington County’s agri-food system contributes $2.8 billion to Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The primary agriculture sector in Wellington County plays a crucial role in the economy by contributing $841 million to Ontario’s GDP and employing over 12,260 people. Wellington County accounts for a notable portion of the provincial agricultural supply chain, too, producing 5.8% of 2021 provincial farm cash receipts.

WFA recognizes the Grand River Agricultural Society as a valued partner in our shared mission of supporting the local agricultural industry and are thankful for the generous financial support towards this project. The Society’s work demonstrates its deep commitment to protecting our valuable farmland and ensuring its sustainability for future generations.


The WFA collaborated with Wilton Consulting Group and Serecon to conduct the Agri-Food Systems Study. The team completed a literature and data review, an economic impact analysis, and several engagement activities. Here are some of the key takeaways.

Wellington County is home to some of Canada’s most productive farmland. While Wellington County covers only 0.2% of total land area in Ontario, it supports 5% (418,296 acres) of the province’s field crops. Farmers in Wellington County produce 4% of the province’s soybeans and grain corn, and 7% of the province’s winter wheat. The County’s farmers are leaders in field crop production, growing:

  • 10% of Ontario’s acreage of corn silage
  • 9% of Ontario’s acreage of mixed grain
  • 8% of Ontario’s acreage of barley

Wellington County’s agri-food system is also a powerhouse when it comes to livestock production and processing. The County is home to:

  • 12% of Ontario’s dairy farms
  • 10% of Ontario’s poultry and egg farms
  • 8% of Ontario’s hog and pig farms
  • 7% of Ontario’s equine farms


The WFA board extends its gratitude to everyone involved in this project and eagerly anticipates the positive impact these results will have for our members, our stakeholders, and the broader community. The findings validate the undeniable importance of protecting and investing in farmland, recognizing it as a precious resource that holds the key to food sovereignty, economic prosperity, and environmental well-being.

           -Janet Harrop, President of the WFA Board of Directors


As the County balances the needs of a growing population and a thriving agri-food system, three key priorities have been identified:

  1. Leveraging the growing local consumer base and educating consumers about the sector.
  2. Protecting prime agricultural land as the finite, and non-renewable resource it is.
  3. Supporting entrepreneurship across the agri-food system.


"This report confirms our knowledge that the farmers in Wellington County are leading the way in agricultural production in Ontario. It also reinforces that our soils are a driving force behind the vibrant agri-food system in the County. As our County and province grows, we have a responsibility to protect and grow our agri-food system, not only for our future, but also for the future of those who depend on the food we produce.”

           - Andy Lennox, Warden, Wellington County


You can read the final report here Wellington County Agri-Food System Study (


About the Wellington Federation of Agriculture:

The Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA) is the largest farm organization in the County of Wellington with almost 1,500 members advocating for primary producers and their business needs.

The WFA is a local county affiliate of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), and liaises with the OFA to all levels of government, commodity and rural groups to meet member and stakeholder needs.

About Wilton Consulting Group:

Wilton Consulting Group (WCG) is based in Fergus, ON, and focuses on facilitating sustainability and innovation in agri-food and rural systems through a change management approach. WCG offers a specialized agri-food sector research consulting service with deep connections across the Canadian industry. WCG’s research strengths draw upon a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods and approaches. WCG has also supported such national clients as the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute.

About Serecon:

Serecon is a group of Valuations & Appraisal, Management Consulting, and Farm Advisory professionals who specialize in the agricultural industry. They provide independent agriculture, agri-food and land expertise to individuals and organizations who require agricultural advice. Whether that be for financing, planning, program analysis, litigation support, or any other needs.

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